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This week (Feb. 1-7), the Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC) is encouraging everyone to learn more about the far-reaching impact of eating disorders. 

Of all mental illnesses, eating disorders are perhaps the least understood. Too often, people living with eating disorders never receive a proper diagnosis. Among adolescents, eating disorders are the third most common chronic illness. As many as one million people in Canada may be living with an eating disorder — and one in ten will not survive. Tragically, suicide also claims the lives of many people living with the disease.

Eating disorders are one of the deadliest mental illnesses yet receive too little in the way of funding and services. Canada needs better and more-affordable prevention and treatment options, enhanced training for professionals, and greater support for caregivers. With the right support, recovery from an eating disorder should not only be possible – but expected.

Take a moment this week to visit the Eating Disorder Awareness Week website to find out about events happening across the country and how you can participate.  

Louise Bradley
President and CEO, Mental Health Commission of Canada

Mental Health Commission of Canada, Media Relations
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