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Case Studies


Roots of Hope Promising Practice Exchange Case Studies – Spotlight on Edmonton, Alberta

THE EDMONTON COMMUNITY Edmonton is situated in a central Alberta area that measures 648 square kilometres. Its urban population of more than 970,000 reaches nearly ...
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A Roots of Hope table decoration is in the foreground. In the background are blurry people standing in front of an easel. | Une décoration de table Roots of Hope est au premier plan. En arrière-plan, des personnes floues se tiennent devant un chevalet.

Roots of Hope Case Studies – Spotlight on Stony Plain, Alberta

THE STONY PLAIN EARLY ADOPTER COMMUNITY Stony Plain is part of a tri-region area (with Spruce Grove and Parkland County) that lies west of Edmonton ...
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Human crowd forming a big light bulb symbol on blue paper background. Horizontal composition with selective focus and copy space. Innovation concept. | Foule humaine formant un grand symbole d'ampoule sur fond de papier bleu. Composition horizontale avec mise au point sélective et espace de copie. Notion d'innovation.

Roots of Hope Case Study – Innovative/Flexible

Innovative guiding principle: Attempt, evaluate, and share creative and innovative ideas to advance suicide prevention efforts globally. Flexible guiding principle: While standardization is important when ...
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Hands holding plant over soil land, sustainability. |

Roots of Hope Case Study – Sustainable

Sustainable guiding principle: Design initiatives that allow for continued funding and leadership. The Sustainable guiding principle puts the focus on the strategies Roots of Hope ...
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Large Group Of People Forming A Growing Arrow | Grand groupe de personnes formant une flèche croissante

Roots of Hope Case Study – Measurement and Evaluation

Measurement and evaluation guiding principle: Measure outcomes and evaluate interventions to determine their effectiveness and inform future innovations. The Measurement and Evaluation guiding principle is ...
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Cropped shot of a group of friends holding hands | Photo recadrée d'un groupe d'amis se tenant la main

Roots of Hope Case Study – Strengths-Based/Recovery-Oriented

Strengths-based guiding principle: Build on existing strengths rather than on identifying and closing gaps. Recovery-oriented guiding principle: Focus suicide prevention efforts on giving people hope, ...
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Multi ethnic guys and girls taking selfie outdoors with backlight - Happy life style friendship concept on young multicultural people having fun day together in Barcelona - Bright vivid filter |

Roots of Hope Case Study – Culturally Appropriate/Lived Experience/Community-centred

Culturally Appropriate guiding principle: Develop, implement, and evaluate interventions that respect a diversity of cultures and are responsive and appropriate (for the overall community and ...
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Cropped shot of two people's hands together in unity | Plan recadré des mains de deux personnes ensemble dans l'unité |

Roots of Hope Case Study – Collaboration/Coordination

Collaboration/Coordination guiding principle: Design programs to enhance collaboration among stakeholders. Collaboration/Coordination is the Roots of Hope guiding principle that generated the most comments and insights ...
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Smiling group of people walking together outdoors |

Roots of Hope Case Study – Comprehensive/Span the Continuum

Comprehensive guiding principle: Use multiple interventions geared toward a wide range of individuals across a varietyof settings. Span the continuum guiding principle: Address suicide across ...
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