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Policy Brief

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Examining Two Psychosocial Factors in Long-Term Care During the COVID-19 Pandemic : Policy Brief

Guiding questions in the brief: What barriers and facilitators support psychological self-care and protection from moral distress for long-term care workers and their organizations? How …

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The Impact of COVID-19 on Rural and Remote Mental Health and Substance Use

Purpose This policy brief provides an overview of the developing issues and unique mental health and substance use challenges that COVID-19 poses for rural and …

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COVID-19 and People Living With Serious Mental Illness Policy Brief

Purpose This brief provides an overview of issues faced by people living with serious mental illnesses (and their circles of care) during COVID-19, along with …

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COVID-19, Mental Wellness, and the Homelessness Workforce – Policy Brief

PurposeThis brief analyzes the impacts and policy considerations of the pandemic for people providing services to individuals who experience homelessness or precarious housing. It is …

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