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COVID-19 and Early Childhood Mental Health: Fostering Systems Change and Resilience Policy Brief

Purpose:This policy brief seeks to provide guidance to decision makers, systems planners, and policy makers about ways to support infants, young children, and their families ...
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recovery oriented practice

Implementing Recovery-Oriented Practice: Real-World Examples in Canada

Case studies of real-world programs and initiatives that have implemented recovery-oriented practice from service user and service provider perspectives. Despite the importance of knowledge transfer ...
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Structural Stigma: Progress Report Years 1 & 2

This report provides a brief overview of the progress made in the first two years of a project focusing on structural stigma in health-care settings. ...
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Doctor welcoming patient into her office - wearing protective face mask | Médecin accueillant une patiente dans son bureau - portant un masque de protection

Structural Stigma – Personal Experience Stories

Access Denied Imagine being told to sleep on the hospital floor because no beds are available or seeking a treatment for your illness that’s both ...
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E-Mental Health Conference 2021 – Summary Report

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Mental Health and Substance Use During COVID-19: Spotlight on Gender and Household Size

COVID-19 continues to have a serious impact on mental health and substance use, with differences by gender and household size A new report from the series of Leger ...
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Mental Health and Substance Use During COVID-19: Summary Report

COVID-19 is amplifying the relationship between mental health and substance use A new Leger poll commissioned by the Mental Health Commission of Canada and the Canadian Centre ...
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A young woman with flying hair is tied with a rope

A Framework for Assessing Structural Stigma in Health-Care Contexts for People with Mental Health and Substance Use Issues

Structural stigma in health-care contexts Research consistently identifies the health-care system as a significant contributor to stigma for people with mental health and substance use ...
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Measuring Structural Stigma in Health-Care Settings from the Perspective of Service Users

This report is one component of a larger Mental Health Commission of Canada initiative examining structural stigma in health-care settings. It reviews measurement approaches that ...
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