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Tips to prevent retraumatization

During a pandemic, one or more workers may experience a traumatic event inside or outside the workplace. Studies show that psychological support for workers following …

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How To Check Your Pandemic Response To Psychological Health And Safety

What is the organization doing to minimize unnecessary stress at work? How do immediate supervisors show they care about workers’ emotional well-being? Would workers describe …

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Cultivating resilience in the wake of COVID-19

While there’s much talk about a potential echo pandemic of mental illness following COVID-19, such a result is not inevitable. We can all cultivate resiliency …

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Guide to student mental health during COVID-19

If the global pandemic has left you feeling uncertain, you’re not alone. The rug’s been pulled out from under you, and your expectations for school, …

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Caring for Older Adults During COVID-19

While COVID-19 has amplified conversations about mental well-being, some older adults may be unwilling or unable to discuss how the pandemic has affected them psychologically. …

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Choosing the mental health resource that’s right for you: not all are created equal

With the onset of COVID-19, the need for virtual mental health resources has never been stronger, and many organizations have answered the call. From training …

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Mental Health and the Criminal Justice System

Mental health problems and illnesses are substantially higher among persons involved with the criminal justice system than in the general population and are increasing over time.

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Caregiving in the era of COVID-19: What to expect, and how to cope

While caring for a family member who is living with a mental health problem or illness can be rewarding, it can also be tiring, demanding …

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Language Matters

Combating stigma related to mental illness, suicide, and substance use starts with how we use language—something that continuously evolves. That’s why we must all be …

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