If you are in distress, you can call or text 988 at any time. If it is an emergency, call 9-1-1 or go to your local emergency department.


A person looking at bills with a child

High Cost of Living and Mental Health

This webinar offers insights on the mental health impacts of the high cost of living on diverse communities and explores the complex relationship between mental ...
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One person waves to two others while surrounded by doors.

A Vision for Quality Mental Health Care for All

Mental health affects everyone, including health-care workers. This video tells the story of an individual who finds access to quality mental health care services — ...
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Health-care providers hands come together.

Toward Quality Mental Health Care: Dismantling Structural Stigma

Hear from health-care experts offering their insights on the stigma-free and inclusive dimension of the Quality Mental Health Care Framework, focusing on the crucial concept ...
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Roots of Hope Video Series

Roots of Hope is a community-led model that supports populations across Canada to reduce the impact of suicide in their local contexts. The model builds ...
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Cannabis Community Based Research – Spotlight Videos

In 2018, the federal government allocated $10 million over 5 years to help us assess the impact of the legalization and use of cannabis on ...
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Life promotion webinar

Promoting Life: Changing the Narrative around Suicide Prevention

This webinar centers on Life Promotion, an Indigenous led, culturally and contextually informed approach and way of life.
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Student perspectives on improving mental health supports

Student perspectives on improving mental health supports

Video Series: Student Perspectives on the National Standard for Post-Secondary Student Mental Health and Well-Being To celebrate the 2nd anniversary of the Standard, we asked ...
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The Story of Our Investment in Community Based Research

This short, animated video tells the story of our investment in 14 community-based research (CBR) projects to address knowledge gaps in the relation between cannabis ...
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Use Your Voice

Choose to Use Your Voice – Reducing Stigma Toward People Who Use Substances

Jes is a community harm reduction support navigator and peer support worker, who has been helping people with lived and living experience of opioid use ...
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