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The Impact of COVID-19 on Early Childhood Mental Health (webinar)

Watch our discussion of the recent policy brief about the impact of the pandemic on families and early childhood mental health with co-author and co-host: ...
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A Way Forward – how we can dismantle mental health- and/or substance use-related structural stigma

There are many things we can do to dismantle mental health- and substance use-related structural stigma in health-care settings. We asked people to share their ...
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“Less Than” – how mental health and/or substance use-related structural stigma impacts quality of care

We asked people to share how structural stigma impacts the quality of the health-care they receive. These are the stories they shared. Structural stigma can ...
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“Access Denied” – how mental health/substance use-related structural stigma impacts health-care access

We asked people to share how structural stigma impacts their access to health-care services. These are the stories they shared. Structural stigma can be dismantled. ...
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Keeping Student Mental Health at the Heart of Post-Secondary Education

The Mental Health Commission of Canada has championed the development of a new National Standard (the Student Standard) in collaboration with CSA Group, a global ...
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Portrait Of Multi-Cultural Medical Team Standing In Hospital Corridor

Advancing Psychological Health and Safety for Health-Care Workers

Learn on the importance of addressing the two psychosocial factors specifically linked to workers’ chronic stress in health-care settings: protection from moral distress and support ...
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Measuring Stigma Related to Opioid Use

Learn about the Opening Minds Provider Attitudes Toward Opioid Use Scale (OM-PATOS), geared to those in the helping professions that may respond to or care ...
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In the background, a black female doctor is standing with her arms crossed and a smile on her face. In blue text, "Check your practice - Recovery-Oriented Mental Health and Addiction Care in the Patient’s Medical Home"

How to build a recovery-oriented care partnership with patients living with mental health and addiction issues

Some family physicians describe mental health and addiction as an area in which they would like further development. The Best Advice Guide provides practical tips ...
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A healthcare workers wearing a mask doing a heart shape with their fingers.

Join the movement – Advancing psychological health and safety in healthcare settings

Healthcare workers dedicate their lives to providing quality healthcare to others. However, the unique rewards of delivering healthcare also present unique challenges. Creating psychologically healthy ...
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