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Mental Health and Addictions Information Collaborative

In collaboration with several stakeholders, the MHCC is working to improve mental health data collection, research, and knowledge exchange across Canada, a strategic priority identified in Changing Directions, Changing Lives: The Mental Health Strategy for Canada. The Mental Health Addictions Information Collaborative includes Statistics CanadaPublic Health Agency of CanadaHealth CanadaCanadian Institute for Health InformationCanadian Centre for Substance Abuse, and the Canadian Institute for Health Research. It identifies opportunities and facilitates efforts to improve existing data resources and develop new ones that address information gaps on mental health problems and illnesses.

The ability to share and access data around mental health problems and illnesses is an important requirement to help achieve transformative change to the mental health system. The Overview of Mental Health Data in Canada: Background, Needs, and Gaps provides a synthesis of existing information sources and examines information gaps.