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MHCC HEADSTRONG School-Based Activities Toolkit

This toolkit is intended to help engage schools to create and sustain school-based HEADSTRONG committees after a regional summit. The toolkit is designed for teachers, school staff, and students who will comprise the committees and to ensure that the community leader (or designate) knows how to support anti-stigma, school-based activities.

It also provides sample activities that have been tested by schools in the Durham, Ontario region.

Community leaders bring experiences and expertise to MHCC HEADSTRONG’S work to defeat stigma. So do school staff, teachers, and students who are committed to reducing stigma.

Our intention with this toolkit is to support everyone’s skill set to allow for engagement and collaboration with school staff, students, community partners, and volunteers to bring MHCC HEADSTRONG to life in each school in order to address mental health stigma and its harmful effects on our youth.

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