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Schizophrenia Care: Request for Expression of Interest

Become a champion and contribute to widespread implementation of standardized schizophrenia care across Canada!

To mark World Schizophrenia Awareness Day (May 24), we are inviting health-care and community organizations to express their interest in joining our national demonstration project to implement standardized care and treatment for persons living with schizophrenia.

In collaboration with Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences, we are embarking on a countrywide project to advance schizophrenia treatment and care delivery.

Over 18 months, participating organizations will receive tools, education, and training to implement Health Quality Ontario’s Schizophrenia Quality Standards in four sites across Canada. These actionable and measurable standards are informed by best practices, the best available evidence, and guidance from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE). They include a series of 11 statements on the care of adults with schizophrenia in hospital and 15 statements on the care of adults with schizophrenia in the community.

The MHCC and Ontario Shores will provide tools, education, training, and change management support to enable sites to implement the Standards. Each site will benefit from a customized approach based on their specific organizational and regional needs.

Timeline of the project: 18 months (to conclude in March 2025)

Submission deadline: July 28, 2023


For additional information, please contact:
Cléo Edgington (she/her/elle)
Senior Program Manager, Access to Quality Mental Health Services
Mental Health Commission of Canada