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A young woman talking to a you man sitting on wooden stairs

5 Tips for Starting a Conversation with Your Friend About Mental Health

It can be challenging to talk about mental health with friends and loved ones, as there is often a fear of being judged or misunderstood. In this post, I will share five tips for starting a conversation with your friend about their mental health.

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A group of young-looking hikers taking a walk on mountainous trail on a sunny day

Take care of your mental health during summer break

Who doesn’t love summer? Longer sunny days, outdoor activities, cottaging and camping, sports, social events, and relaxing and enjoying life. And for students, no homework. What could be better?

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African-American woman lowered her glasses as she sat in front of her computer in a home office

How to write a brilliant blog post in 10 steps  

Choose a topic: Before you start writing, choose a topic that interests you. Research popular topics and see what other bloggers write about. Hint: health, wellness and mental health are popular topics.

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A woman holds her child up with a blue sky in the background

Navigating Parenthood with a Mental Illness

As a parent, it’s common to experience stress, anxiety, and feeling overwhelmed at times.  But these challenges can get amplified for parents also managing a mental illness. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder before the birth of my children. I walked into parenthood knowing it would be just a little different than the experiences of some of my peers.   

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Two women of clolor sitting on a couch having a conversation

Peer support changed my life

There are a variety of forms that peer support can take – informal or formal, group-based, or one-on-one, in-person or virtual  – but if you are interested in taking the first steps the internet is the place to start.  Remember that you are not alone, and you, too, will find your people.  You just have to look for them.

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Young woman in a black hat smiles as she looks into the camera

My diagnosis: What I didn’t expect was grief

I had admitted something was off. I received the referral, got the appointment, and did the screening questionnaires and interviews, which led to a diagnosis. I finally had a reason for why my mood yo-yoed up and down over the years. I had an explanation for the high episodes and deep depressions that cycled almost like clockwork. I had a name to apply to what I had been experiencing since my teens – Bipolar Type 2. It also meant I could receive proper treatment and medication so I would no longer have to live that way. Such relief!

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Two contrasting images in one. On the left, a said woman against grey background with hands to her face. On the right, a happy women with a bright flower next to her face against a bright yellow background

No more doom and gloom: How we’re using photography to inspire hope

If you’ve ever seen a news article about mental health and mental illness, you can probably still picture the stock photo that went along with it. You don’t even need a link from me to refresh your memory. Someone is sitting alone in the dark. Maybe with their head in their hands. Maybe peering out a window at the rain. You know the photo.

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A young woman writes in the journal while sitting in the park

Must-read mental health blogs for 2023

Discover the voices of lived experience and get access to resources, information, tips, and tools to support your mental health.  

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A woman in a life west pedals in canoe across the lake

Unrooted – I owe it to myself to see my own dreams through

It seems I’m always trying to forge belonging, or fielding a gulf between myself and the community I grew up with. I feel deeply disconnected from my childhood friends and peers, cultural background, and family. My home base. My roots.

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