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Reporting on Mental Health

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We hold reducing the stigma experienced by people living with mental health problems or illnesses as one of our top priorities. Because of the important role that the media plays in providing information and shaping public attitudes in Canada, our anti-stigma initiative Opening Minds began hosting symposia for journalism students at universities. These events provided opportunities to hear from a working journalist, researcher, forensic psychologist, and people with lived and living experience of mental health problems and illnesses. The popularity of these events prompted us to reach out to journalists-in-training. Opening Minds created this online program for journalism students.

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Module 1: What is stigma and why does it matter

Module 2: Stigma in the news media

Module 3: Stigma the media and justice

Module 4: What is the journalist’s responsibility

We also helped create Mindset, Canada’s only journalist-to-journalist guide on mental health reporting.