If you are in distress, you can text WELLNESS to 741741 at any time. If it is an emergency, call 9-1-1 or go to your local emergency department.



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Advice provided by: Susan Mercer MSW, RSWClinical Social Worker RSW at Onward Choices Consulting Inc Keith S. Dobson, PhDProfessor of Clinical Psychology, University of CalgaryPast- President, Canadian Association of Cognitive and Behavioural Therapies (2019- 2020)Consultant, Opening Minds Program, Mental Health Commission of Canada Frequently asked questions  How do pandemics in...
Serious impact from COVID-19 on mental health and substance use continues, especially among youth A new report from the series of Leger polls commissioned by the Mental Health Commission of Canada and the Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction highlights the disproportionate negative impact of the pandemic among youth,...
Take stock of how your feeds make you feel The next time you finish scrolling, take a moment to think about how you’re feeling. While it’s easy to miss small changes when you quickly move on to something else, even short periods of lowered mood, self-doubt, or anxiety add up...
Common mental health problems and illnesses The most common mental health problems and illnesses among those being treated for cancer and cancer survivors. How do mental health and cancer interact? What can we do?

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