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Cannabis and Mental Health

Now that non-medical cannabis is legal in Canada, there is a need to address the gaps that currently exist in the literature on cannabis and mental health. To inform policy and research agendas, the Mental Health Commission of Canada funded a team of experts from the University of Calgary to conduct an environmental scan and...

Measuring Stigma Related to Opioid Use


Learn about the Opening Minds Provider Attitudes Toward Opioid Use Scale (OM-PATOS), geared to those in the helping professions that may respond to or care for people living with opioid use or at risk of overdose or poisoning: paramedics, fire or police services workers, health-care and social-care providers, pharmacists, counsellors, etc. Discover how to use...

Suicide Risk Assessment: Overview of Best Practices and Considerations


Although suicide is preventable, rates in Canada have remained relatively stable over the last two decades. The assessment of suicide risk by clinicians and mental health professionals plays a key role in detecting risk and preventing suicide. We invite you to learn more about the process of assessing suicide risk and its role in life...

Fall Cannabis Webinar Series – Emerging Research and Implications – Webinar 2

Title: Clinical & Mental Health Implications I This webinar features research aiming to fill the knowledge gaps in clinical populations treated for substance use disorders, cannabis use disorder and psychosis. New evidence on the different ways to use cannabis and how sex and gender influence substance use will be explored. Register here!

Fall Cannabis Webinar Series – Emerging Research and Implications – Webinar 3


Title: Clinical & Mental Health Implications II  This webinar will build upon themes from the previous webinar and focus on research seeking to understand the potential for cannabis as clinical treatment for various mental and physical conditions (e.g., depression, autism, concussions, and post-traumatic stress disorder) and across different populations. Register here!