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September 9, 2013 – Long-Time Senior Leader in Mental Health and Addictions in Saskatchewan Joins Mental Health Commission of Canada Board

Calgary, Alberta | Monday, September 9, 2013 |

David Goldbloom, Chair, Mental Health Commission of Canada Board of Directors, is pleased to announce the election of Shan Landry to its Board of Directors.

Landry spent more than 35 years in senior leadership positions in health in Saskatchewan, most recently serving as Vice President of Community Services Saskatoon Health Region before retiring in 2011.

“For most of those years, I was responsible for regional mental health and addictions services, integrating services from inpatient care to long-term community programming. I have always been committed to advancing the development of services for people living with a mental health issue or illness and their families,” says Landry. “Acute care, although necessary and required from time to time, is only part of what is needed to strengthen and support people in developing resilience and the capacity to deal with mental health challenges. Over the years, our team was able to work with many community-based organizations to develop resources for employment, housing and other programs and services, and in my new role I look forward to sharing what was learned in these areas with the Commission.”

During her time as Vice President of Community Services, the Saskatoon Health Region sponsored many unique community-based initiatives, including the Crocus Co-op, an organization providing employment and daily drop-in for people living with a mental health issue or illness.

Landry also participated in the development of the Saskatchewan Commission on Health Care report “Caring for Medicare, Sustaining a Quality System” during a year-long secondment commencing in 2000. The report, at the request of then-Premier Roy Romanow, identified key challenges in reforming and improving the health care system and recommended an action plan for the delivery of health services across the province.

“Shan’s demonstrated leadership and ability to build relationships between individuals, communities and organizations has led to the success of many projects in mental health and addictions in Saskatchewan over the last three decades,” says Goldbloom. “Shan’s work in developing resources for mental health promotion, crisis intervention and housing align with key priority areas of the MHCC moving forward and we welcome her expertise to the MHCC Board.”

Since retiring from the Saskatoon Health Region two years ago, Landry has taken on contracts within hospice palliative care development and community oncology programming through the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency. She has also been appointed volunteer commissioner of Safe Streets Saskatoon, an initiative that is working on a demonstration project to improve quality of life for individuals living with mental health challenges and other chronic health conditions.


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