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October 23, 2014 – Mental Health Action Plan next step for Mental Health Commission

Calgary, AB – Mental Health Commission of Canada President and CEO Louise Bradley announced bold plans for Canada’s mental health landscape today as she outlined plans for the MHCC’S Mental Health Action Plan for Canada.

“Two years ago, Canada’s mental health community wrote the blueprint for meaningful change for our country,” said Bradley. “Today, I’m here to commit to working together with all of you to move those plans into action, to make sure those great ideas don’t sit on shelves, but rather create better, lasting mental health for Canadians from coast to coast to coast.”

Ms. Bradley was speaking to the CMHA’s National Conference entitled “Strengthening our Collective Voice,” attended by community mental health advocates from across Canada.

Developed by the MHCC, in collaboration with the network of CMHA chapters and numerous community based mental health organizations, the Mental Health Strategy – “Changing Directions, Changing Lives” has catapulted Canada to a position of international leadership on mental health issues. Praising the CMHA’s role in the development of the Strategy, Ms. Bradley said, “many of you were contributors to Canada’s first-ever mental health strategy, its power and success comes from the people who believe in it.”

Following on the success of the Strategy, the next challenge will be the development of a Mental Health Action Plan through a series of consultations with key community based stakeholders and dialogue with political representatives.  “There is no doubt that this is a bold and ambitious plan;” commented Ms. Bradley, adding, “our track record, coupled with our collaborative approach, make it clear that the Mental Health Commission is the natural investment point for mental health innovation in Canada.”

Commenting on Ms. Bradley’s remarks, Laureen MacNeil, Executive Director of the conference host CMHA Calgary said, “CMHA Calgary and indeed all chapters have benefitted from the Commission’s evidence-based research in the development of both the Strategy and other programs, so we look forward to collaborating with MHCC on the Action Plan now and for many years to come.”

The Mental Health Commission of Canada is a catalyst for change. We are collaborating with hundreds of partners to change the attitudes of Canadians toward mental health problems and to improve services and support. Our goal is to help people who live with mental health problems and illnesses lead meaningful and productive lives. Together we create change. The Mental Health Commission of Canada is funded by Health Canada.

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