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HealthCareCAN and the Mental Health Commission of Canada spotlight mental health in the workplace

HealthCareCAN and the Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC) have been working together for over three years to advance mental health in the workplace for the health-care sector. Together, they led the By Health, For Health Collaborative (the Collaborative), a group of leaders representing over 20 health-care organizations across Canada who are committed to advancing psychological health and safety in health care.

The Collaborative had a vision for health-care workplaces to be leaders and role models in providing psychologically healthy and safe environments for all people in Canada. It successfully championed a shift in the health-care industry to focus on mental health in the workplace, including having the implementation of the National Standard of Canada for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace recognized within health-care organizations as a leading practice by the Health Standards Organization (HSO).

Building on the success of the Collaborative and its initiatives, HealthCareCAN and the MHCC now co-lead the Quality Mental Health Care Network (QMHCN), which unites health-sector leaders from across the country in an effort to remove barriers hindering access to high-quality mental health services. The QMHCN addresses structural stigma, promotes recovery-oriented practice, and furthers the work of the Collaborative by continuing to support psychologically healthy and safe workplaces in health care. This includes enabling recovery-oriented
practice, addressing stigma, and improving access to quality mental health care across Canada.

HealthCareCAN is leading the development of a Quality Mental Health Care Framework (the Framework), a key initiative by the QMHCN. The Framework defines quality mental health care and the essential quality dimensions that encompass its provision.

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