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State of Workplace Policies and Practices in Canada: Implications and Recommendations

Description: Employers are increasingly challenged with difficult decisions on how to address issues of substance use in the workplace, including balancing public safety, employee productivity, human rights compliance, and providing effective and appropriate employee support among others. Proposed legislation to legalize cannabis has created an area of uncertainty as employers and employees attempt to discern between medical and recreational use and the impact on fitness for duty.

In response to increased demand from employers, practitioners, and other stakeholders wanting more information on, and knowledge of how to address, substance use affecting the workplace, the Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction (CCSA) conducted a broad study to better understand the issue and make recommendations.

This webinar will set the context of substance use and the workplace. The CCSA presenters will then discuss the findings from the study, which included an environmental scan of current policies, national survey, and key informant interviews. The discussion will finish with suggestions on how to apply some of the knowledge gained from the study in the workplace and ways to move forward.

Guest Speakers:

  • Bryce Barker, Knowledge Broker, CCSA
  • Shawna Meister, M.A., Research and Policy Analyst, CCSA

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