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Take it forward: Maintaining momentum on emerging adult mental health

Emerging adulthood is a developmental life stage that doesn’t fall within a specific span of years. It’s often roughly considered to occur between the ages of 14 and 25, though it can start as young as 12 and end as late as 30.

Young people move into adulthood at different paces. Yet many mental health services today don’t take this into account: youth “age out” of the child and youth system at 18 or 19 and are often left without support when it’s needed most. Mental health interventions at this developmental stage can change the course of a young person’s life for the better, setting them on a solid path that continues to and through adulthood.

Service providers across Canada are recognizing that mental health services, policies and programs for emerging adults must be based on need instead of age—and that by working alongside emerging adults as experts in their own care, changing Canada’s mental health care system is possible. The following resources can help providers in all communities make a difference for emerging adults in Canada.

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