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Veteran Experiences with Cannabis and Mental Health

Despite the strong interest in the relationship between cannabis use and mental health in the Veteran and Veteran family community, published research on the topic in Canada is limited, with even less that is specific to the Veteran context.

To begin addressing these challenges, we led a series of four dialogues with the Atlas Institute for Veterans and Families, asking Veterans, Veteran family members, service providers, and researchers about their perspectives on cannabis use and mental health.

Inspired by what we heard, we co-hosted a webinar with the Atlas Institute to highlight key knowledge and research priorities and to hear first-hand insights from notable experts with lived and living experience:

  • Samuel Breau, Manager, Access to Quality Mental Health Services, MHCC
  • MaryAnn Notarianni, Deputy CEO and Vice-President, Knowledge Mobilization, Atlas Institute
  • Polliann Maher, Lived Expertise Lead, Families, Atlas Institute
  • Glynne Hines, Veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces
  • Dr. Rébecca Robillard, Associate Professor, School of Psychology, University of Ottawa, and Scientist, Institute for Mental Health Research at The Royal
  • Dr. Sherry H. Stewart, Canada Research Chair in Addiction and Mental Health, Graduate Program Coordinator and Professor, Dalhousie University

To find out more about this Dialogue Series, read the report and executive summary on the Atlas Institute
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