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E-Mental Health Implementation

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To help expand the use of e-mental health services, we developed four online learning modules based on our Toolkit for E-Mental Health Implementation, in collaboration with the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH). These free, self-directed modules are designed to give mental health providers, managers, and leaders the knowledge and skills they need to integrate e-mental health into daily practice and support effective, person-centred e-mental health projects.

The flexibility offered by self-directed learning makes it one of the best ways for mental health professionals to expand their e-mental health implementation proficiencies. It puts people in charge of their knowledge development and lets them gain new skills at their own pace.

Course information

  • Module 1: Exploring the world of e-mental health
  • Module 2: Roadmap for launching e-mental health
  • Module 3: Building your digital skill set
  • Module 4: Engaging clients in e-mental health

Learning objectives

After successfully completing the course, participants will be able to

  • describe common challenges and opportunities in e-mental health
  • use the strategies they learn to plan and implement e mental health in practice
  • build their personal and professional capacity to support e-mental health initiatives
  • engage clients and stakeholders in e-mental health services using collaborative approaches.

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