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Cannabis and Mental Health Learning Resources

Cannabis and Mental Health — Course
Created by youth for youth, this free 90-minute online course provides evidence-based, experiential, and engaging knowledge about the relationship between cannabis use and mental health. Its 4 modules address many key issues, such as why people choose to use cannabis, understanding the endocannabinoid system, the impact of cannabis legislation on communities, harm reduction basics, and more.

Cannabis and Mental Health — Mentor Guide
Developed for educators, program leaders, and mentors working with youth ages 12-18, the guide offers fun ways to help youth build resilience and skills to stay balanced and thrive. These skills include the ability to understand and manage stress, problem solve, think critically, communicate, and collaborate with others.

A joint initiative by the Schizophrenia Society of Canada’s YouthRex project and the MHCC.

Watch the webinar on the Cannabis and Mental Health project, created to give youth the education, tools and support they need to make informed and healthy decisions