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Promising Practices

In 2014, the Mental Health Commission of Canada launched the three year Case Study Research Project to identify promising practices for implementing the National Standard of Canada for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace.

  • Over 40 organizations representing various industries, sizes and sectors participated in the study
  • 250,000+ employees were affected by the implementation of the Standard

Taking positive action by implementing the Standard

  • Reasons why participating employers implemented the Standard:
    • 91% stated it is the right thing to do
    • 84% stated protecting the psychological health of employees is important to them
    • 47% found the Standard to be an effective tool to manage costs
  • Top three actions taken by employers:
    • Implementing respectful workplace policies
    • Providing employee and family assistance programs and services
    • Enhancing awareness of mental health among workers

Nine promising practices have been identified, based on the experience of the 40 organizations:

1. Define a solid business case to justify the investment of resources.

2. Ensure commitment exists throughout the organization.

3. Communicate widely and effectively to maximize awareness and engagement.

4. Embed psychological health and safety in the overall organizational culture.

5. Dedicate the necessary human and financial resources required for implementation.

6. Select relevant programs, practices and policies best suited to your organization.

7. Consider and mitigate where possible the impact of organizational change on employees’ mental health.

8. Regularly measure the impact and results of implementing the Standard.

9. Sustain organizational focus on the Standard beyond its initial implementation.