If you are in distress, you can text WELLNESS to 741741 at any time. If it is an emergency, call 9-1-1 or go to your local emergency department.



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Physical activity is not just beneficial for maintaining a healthy body, but also for improving mental health. In fact, research shows that exercise is one of the most effective tools to manage mental health issues like anxiety and depression. Even modest levels of physical activity or low-intensity exercise are beneficial.

Gender is one of many contributing factors in suicide.  While women more frequently attempt suicide, men die by suicide more often, accounting for 75 per cent of suicide deaths in...

The Skills for Safer Living program is an intervention for people who experience persistent suicide ideation and behaviours. New data on the program’s effectiveness for vulnerable populations compels us to...

We ask practitioners for a reality check on the TV series about therapy, grief, and getting by.

Supporting healing for veterans navigating the transition to post-service life.

The shift away from saying “committing suicide” goes beyond semantics.

Imagine, if you will, that you woke up one day and your life was completely unrecognizable. It could happen, for so many reasons, good and bad. What then? Do you fall apart or keep going? Or do you re-imagine what’s possible?

A suite of culturally adapted cognitive behavioural therapy tools is designed to break through barriers.

Mental health is a vital aspect of your overall health. As you grow older, you can experience changes in your physical health, social connections, and daily routines that can significantly affect your quality of life, your mood and well-being.