If you are in distress, you can text WELLNESS to 741741 at any time. If it is an emergency, call 9-1-1 or go to your local emergency department.

February 2023

Pace, Plan, and Prioritize: One Woman’s Story on Coping with Long Covid

Since there’s no cure, those affected must work to manage their symptoms. An innovative hospital program takes an interdisciplinary approach encompassing physical, cognitive, and psychosocial care.

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Finding an ACB therapist

Weaving Through the Challenges

The ABCs of finding paths to ACB mental health care

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Getting to the Heart of the Matter

Dil Ba Dil (heart to heart) is one of several support programs for newcomers. It is part of ABRAR Trauma and Mental Health’s approach to complex and culturally informed care.

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conversations on a bean bag chair

Shifting the Narrative

Valuing lived and living experience

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