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Case Study: Keyano College

As the Wellness Services team began researching how they could achieve their mandate, they discovered The Inquiring Mind Post-Secondary (TIM PS) training program.

Shifting the focus – Keyano College

In 2017, a shift in focus took place at Keyano College. In order to align with the Government of Alberta’s mandate, the school committed to providing their students with universal supports combined with awareness building activities to reduce the stigma around mental illness. To highlight this change, the newly renamed “Wellness Services” department turned their focus away from clinical services and started taking care of the whole student, while also identifying the need for early intervention. Students attending college have many conflicting responsibilities, and Keyano College knew that mental health needed to be their focus.

As the Wellness Services team began researching how they could achieve their mandate, they discovered The Inquiring Mind Post-Secondary (TIM PS) training program. An evidence-based program designed to help students learn about mental health and reduce stigma, they immediately saw the potential benefits for their students.

In June 2019, two Mental Health Coordinators from Keyano College attended the TIM PS Train-the-Trainer training in Calgary, AB. After receiving their certification, the two mental health champions began promoting the training internally to all staff and faculty and began working around schedules to deliver the training.

The Wellness Services team received immediate buy-in from staff, faculty and students across campus when it came time to deliver the training. Departments such as Athletics, the Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada program, and the Educational Assistant program were among the first groups that were required to take the training. The Social Work program is excited to take part in the training in the upcoming year.  

The Wellness Services team hopes to see The Inquiring Mind training become part of orientation week. Their goal is to begin rolling out The Working Mind training to adults, instructors and coaches involved in the College community.

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