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How am I Doing? Working in a health care setting, there is often no time to stop and think about your own mental health.

Am I doing OK?

Green: Healthy

  • Use simple coping tools: walk, talk to friends, music
  • Limit news and media

What has changed?

Yellow: Reacting

  • Get good sleep and eat well
  • Seek support from others

How long have I been feeling this way?

Orange: Injured

  • Time to get professional help

I need help!

Red: Ill

  • Get help now
  • Call a crisis line

Use this quick tool to ask yourself “How am I doing?”

It will help you notice and be able talk about changes in yourself, a co-worker, family member or friend.

You may notice:

  • physical changes
  • changes in how you think, feel and act
  • changes in substance use These changes may be normal reactions to the stress due to COVID-19

How can I use it?

  • Take a minute to see where you are on the colour continuum?
  • Do this daily.
  • Text or call a friend or family member and use the colours to talk about how you are feeling, coping or reacting in the moment.

Do a “colour” check-in at team meetings or as a conversation opener with staff.

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