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It’s time to talk about men’s mental health

From Mental Health Commission of Canada

On Men’s Mental Health Awareness Day it’s time to bust the stigma that discourages men from talking about their mental health and seeking help if problems emerge.

While rates of mental illness are comparable between men and women, men are less likely to recognize, talk about, and seek treatment for their illness. Yet, up to 10 per cent of men experience paternal postpartum depression, and 80 per cent of people who die by suicide are men.

We should all be aware that men’s symptoms of depression may include physical pain, anger or irritability. Intervening early is the best predictor of a healthier adulthood, so the mental health of adolescent boys and young men needs more attention and resources.

In an effort to contribute to positive change, the Mental Health Commission of Canada is proud to partner with Members of Parliament Matt Jeneroux and Majid Jowhari on an educational event about men’s mental health.  Featuring keynote speakers with lived experience and local stakeholders, the dialogue will pull back the curtain on stigma and inspire Members of Parliament to open up conversations in their communities.

Canadians everywhere are encouraged to learn more about the signs and symptoms of mental health problems and talk honestly with the men in their lives.  On this day we are reminded that mental illness doesn’t discriminate, and everyone should feel comfortable seeking help.

Join us:  #MensHealthWeek

Louise Bradley
President and CEO, Mental Health Commission of Canada

Mental Health Commission of Canada, Media Relations
613-857-0840 / media@mentalhealthcommission.ca

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