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Brett Stoner

Northwest Territories’ Mental Health System Transformed Through Stepped Care 2.0

From Mental Health Commission of Canada and the Government of Northwest Territories   and Stepped Care Solutions The Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) government, in ...
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Pervasive Stigma remains a harsh reality for people living with Mental Health or Substance Use Disorders

New data being released for Mental Health Week sheds light on the persistent stigma faced by people in Canada who identified living with a mental ...
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Veterans and their families want better research and clinical support on cannabis as a treatment option for their mental health

Canada’s Veterans often experience physical or psychological injuries as a result of their service — and sometimes both. Over the past several years, medical cannabis ...
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Mental Health Commission of Canada seeks dedicated Canada Mental Health Transfer

The Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC) acknowledges the significance of the federal government’s recently unveiled 10-year health-care plan. To continue prioritizing mental health, however, ...
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Touchdown for mental health! Saskatchewan Roughrider Foundation partners with the Mental Health Commission of Canada

The Saskatchewan Roughrider Foundation is partnering with the Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC) to bring The Working Mind Sports training to all varsity football ...
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Male retail cashier wearing mask

Mental health tips for retail and hospitality workers this holiday season

The busy holiday season can be challenging for retail and hospitality workers. Supporting the mental health of these workers can help make their workplace safer ...
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Health PEI collaborates with the Mental Health Commission of Canada, Stepped Care Solutions, and Memorial University to improve access to mental health and addictions services with Stepped Care 2.0

Health PEI has entered into an agreement to support the implementation of the evidenced-based Stepped Care 2.0© (SC2.0) model with the Mental Health Commission of ...
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alex blajan

I’m trading in my glasses for earphones

As a former (recovering?) book snob, I think there are far worse things in life than trading your glasses for earphones and enjoying the escape ...
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Crisis in long-term care: Workers in need of psychological support

Preventing moral distress and promoting psychological self-care are essential for workers in long-term care homes. In a new report aimed at health-care leaders and policy ...
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