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October 2022

SPARK 2020 participant

Turn a Great Idea into Action

Are you having a lightbulb moment? The SPARK Knowledge Translation Program charts a path for those with an idea to improve research and practice around ...
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asian women crossing street

How’s the weather?

With stigmatizing language, things can get pretty cloudy
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Stigma-Busting in Song

Belgian singer Stromae — whose hits meld weighty themes with clubby beats — touches on the complexities of mental health on his recent album, Multitude. ...
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Loss, depression, psychological trauma

Good Grief!

Is there a right way to grieve—and for how long? Bereavement in the age of COVID is getting a re-think.
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teacher comforting student

Proactive Prevention

Activating an entire school community (parents, peers, education workers) can reduce the nefarious long-term impacts of bullying — a look at promising models to create ...
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