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Language Matters

Conversations Illustration

Why We Use “Substance Use Health”

Putting substance use on a spectrum creates a space for more open conversations about safer, healthier, more manageable consumption.

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woman speaking during group therapy

From condemnation to compassion

The shift away from saying “committing suicide” goes beyond semantics.

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conversations on a bean bag chair

Shifting the Narrative

Valuing lived and living experience

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Diverse hands

Black Like Whom?

A broader term captures the rich diversity within communities. Why we use ‘ACB’ over ‘Black’

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asian women crossing street

How’s the weather?

With stigmatizing language, things can get pretty cloudy

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Friends in a Public Park

Power to the People

Using person-first language to make an important distinction

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Language Matters

Banish Stigmatizing Language to Make Room for Understanding

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