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Assessment Framework for Mental Health Apps

Assessment Framework Structure

Assessment framework. A document that contains a set structure of standards and criteria.

Standards. A specific, focused area or topic made up of a list of relevant criteria.

Criteria. Carefully chosen principles that apps are assessed against. Criteria are currently phrased as questions. A list of criteria formulates every standard and makes up the overall assessment framework.

Figure 1. Assessment Framework Diagram

Example of the structure:
  1. Data and privacy standards = standards 2a. Privacy policy = a set of criteria
Figure 2. List of Criteria


Criteria Origin

2a — Q1 Is there a privacy policy available via the web app/website? (only relevant for web apps) ORCHA
2a — Q2 Is a privacy summary published anywhere by the developer? (only relevant to mobile apps) ORCHA
2a — Q3 Is the privacy policy made immediately available when the user first opens the app? ORCHA