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Implementing the Standard

Leading companies, industries and institutions committed to protecting mental health and wellness in the workplace have implemented a “made in Canada” solution: the National Standard of Canada for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace.

Hundreds of diverse companies across Canada have now implemented the Standard. Many report that the Standard helps improve productivity, financial performance, risk management, recruitment and retention.

Implementation Resources

Document:Assembling the Pieces: An Implementation Guide to the National Standard for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace
Description:Created in partnership with the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Group, this handbook is designed as a step-by-step guide for organizations to implement the Standard. This document is geared toward senior leaders, occupational health and safety professionals, as well as human resource managers, offering a roadmap to application of the Standard through four key steps: Building the Foundation, Identifying Opportunities, Setting Objectives, and Implementation.
Document:13 Factors: Addressing Mental Health in the Workplace
Description:Created in partnership with Ottawa Public Health, with adapted content from the Mindful Employer, this series of short animated videos aims to raise awareness around the evidence-embedded 13 factors that can impact the mental health of employees in the workplace and encourage conversations on ways to promote psychologically healthy and safe workplaces.
Document:13 Factors: Customizable posters
Description:This series of 13 posters, one for each of the 13 psychosocial factors, can be used to reinforce key learnings from Being A Mindful Employee: An Orientation to Psychological health and Safety in the Workplace. Each poster features a customizable area at the bottom of the page where organizations can promote initiatives and programs that support psychological health and safety in the workplace. Download the posters now and start using them in your workplace!

Case Study Research Project Findings

NEW:Case Study Research Project: Final Report (March 2017)
Description:This report is a summary of promising practices and lessons learned from over 40 participating organizations, representing a variety of industries, sectors and sizes as they advanced workplace mental health and implemented the Standard in their environments. It synthesizes the experiences and discoveries of these pioneers to support other Canadian employers embarking on their journey.
Document:Case Study Research Project: Early Findings Interim Report (October 2015)
Description:Read the Case Study Research Project Early Findings Interim Report which documents learnings from the participating organizations mid-way into the Case Study Research Project.
Document:Project Backgrounder with FAQs
Description:Read the Project Backgrounder to gain more information on the project stakeholders and purpose.

Promising Practices for Implementing the Standard

NEW:Promising Practices
Description:Based on the experience of the over 40 organizations involved in the Case Study Research Project, nine promising practices have been identified for implementing the Standard.


NEW: Case Study video testimonials
Description: Hear from several of the Case Study Research Project participating organizations as they share their experiences of implementing the Standard.
NEW: The Standard testimonial catalogue
Description: Canadian employers everywhere are sharing their story! Learn from trailblazer organizations in your industry/sector as they share their story of addressing workplace mental health.