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We Improve

Each year, 1 in 5 people in Canada will experience a mental health problem or illness. In Canada, each week nearly 500,000 people are affected by mental health challenges and are unable to work. 

We seek to improve by opening doors to a better future for people affected by mental health and substance use.

3.1 Advance the need for pan‑Canadian strategies to address inequities in mental health programs and services.

3.2 Support First Nations, Inuit, and Métis in creating meaningful solutions to address the wellness needs of their communities.

3.3 Improve resiliency and mental health literacy to build greater informal support networks to augment strained clinical services.

Below, you’ll find links to all our “Improve” projects and programs. Please note that some of our projects fit multiple strategic objectives, so you may see them on more than one page.

At the Mental Health Commission of Canada, we also see this month as an important reminder of our organizational commitment to reconciliation and cultural humility.

The National Community of Practice (NCoP) brings Roots of Hope communities together to engage in peer to peer support and connect representatives, researchers, regional stakeholders, and people with lived experience…

A 2022 Canadian Alliance of Student Associations study found that 75 per cent of all post-secondary students report negative mental health experiences, and more than 25 per cent rate their…

Mental health affects everyone, including health-care workers. This video tells the story of an individual who finds access to quality mental health care services — but only after an overwhelming…

This year, the MHCC is introducing its first Impact Report, which focuses on the impact we are bringing to mental health in Canada. We are honoured to share how our work inspires change, reduces stigma, and offers life-affirming hope.

Suicide Postvention Resources for Canadian Communities, based on our own environmental scan, summarizes over 35 different resources and includes related links and descriptions.

While integrated services for mental health and substance use health have been studied for more than two decades no recent or comprehen­sive reviews exist — particularly with a peer research…

Over the past five years, we have led a pan-Canadian program to assess the impact of cannabis legalization and use on mental health. Our key findings synthesize results from 20…

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