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Student perspectives on improving mental health supports

Video Series: Student Perspectives on the National Standard for Post-Secondary Student Mental Health and Well-Being

We asked 4 post-secondary students — Connor Lafortune, Golnaz Shirzadi, Daniel Major, and Sandrine Desforges — to share their unique perspectives on mental health topics, including life promotion, harm reduction, mental health supports, learning environments, and interpersonal factors. Their invaluable insights can help us all create healthier, more supportive, and inclusive post-secondary communities based on the guidance of the Post-Secondary Standard.

Wondering about the Compendium: Learning Environment Strategies (mentioned by Daniel)? Find it and other supportive resources by creating a free account with CSA Communities and accessing the Centre for Outreach, Resources, and Engagement.

Discover Strengthening Our Connections to Promote Life: A Life Promotion Toolkit by Indigenous Youth (mentioned by Connor).

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