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Why Buying Social is Good for Business: Leverage Your Purchasing to Create Greater Value

Description: In this webinar, you will learn about social procurement and why businesses should consider it as part of their purchasing strategies. Stephanie Pronk will share information on tools, resources, and an online community available to businesses through the Social Enterprise Institute online learning platform. David Lepage, of Buy Social Canada, will take a closer look at what social procurement is, how to influence its growth in your sector and how to implement it in your organization. Don Palmer, Executive Director of Causeway Work Centre, will use a landscaping social enterprise as an example to demonstrate how businesses can support social enterprises as part of their purchasing strategies.

Guest Speakers:

  • Stephanie Pronk, Director of Operations, Social Enterprise Institute CCC Ltd.
  • David Lepage, Director and Managing Partner, Buy Social Canada
  • Don Palmer, Executive Director, Causeway Work Centre

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