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Lockdown Life Headstrong Youth Survey – Summary Report

In March 2020, the entire world experienced something new and scary. A pandemic that con ned us to our homes suddenly and changed the way we lived, worked and attended school. With so many unknowns, we reached out to youth across Canada to nd out how they were feeling and coping during lockdown.

What the Numbers Told Us What They Told Us:

When seeking help and information youth reported using the following resources:

48% of respondents reported feeling isolated or lonely;

85% of youth reported having at least someability to cope, such as:

  • Various types of physical exercise
  • Connecting with family/friends
  • Art and music-based activities
  • TV and video games
  • Reading/writing/journaling

80% of youth reported knowing where to get help if needed while 17% reported not knowing where to turn for help.

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