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MHCC Pre-Budget Submission 2014

The Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC) is pleased to provide the following brief to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance outlining the next set of opportunities to invest in mental health system innovation. Delivering on the federal investment in 2007, the MHCC produced Canada’s first mental health strategy: Changing Directions, Changing Lives: The Mental Health Strategy for Canada. Drawing on best practices, the experience of thousands of Canadians and the advice of all governments, the Strategy lays out a blueprint for system-wide change in mental health in Canada. Through its unique mandate and unwavering support from the Government of Canada, the MHCC has become Canada’s coordinating agent, bringing together the best and most influential minds in the mental health community.

Recommendation: The MHCC seeks a new mandate of 10 years (2015-2025) to maintain collective momentum and position Canada as a lead innovator in mental health. The MHCC has evaluated the continued opportunity and respectfully submits that Canada commit to an investment of $25 million dollars per year to effectively leverage the initial investment and give MHCC a new and expanded mandate to enable a more comprehensive renovation of the mental health system.

The MHCC has delivered on its original mandate to develop the Mental Health Strategy for Canada, initiate a national anti-stigma effort (Opening Minds) and lead national knowledge exchange (Knowledge Exchange Centre). Three years ahead of schedule, MHCC is ready to undertake a new mandate based on a new Mental Health Action Plan derived from the Mental Health Strategy. Under the current funding agreement for the MHCC, the federal government can commit to a new mandate (2015-2025) with no new investment required until 2017/2018.

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