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Take care of those providing care: Psychological Health and Safety in Canadian Healthcare Settings

Description: Mentally Healthy Workplaces Benefit Patients and Healthcare Workers Alike

Our country’s healthcare providers are essential to ensuring the efficient, effective and safe delivery of healthcare services to all Canadians.

Did you know that healthcare workers are 1.5 times more likely to be off work due to illness or disability than people in all other sectors? Healthcare settings can be particularly challenging environments. Many healthcare workers have heavy workloads, significant pressures, and a lack of time and resources to adequately do their jobs. Stress, anxiety, depression, burnout, compassion fatigue, and substance misuse are common workplace-related conditions.

Ensuring the wellness of this workforce is critically important to ensure quality and safety care. What can organizations do to help address mental health and wellness in this unique work setting?

This month’s webinar outlines the unique challenges this sector faces and some of the innovative programs that are being implemented across the country. The Mental Health Commission of Canada and HealthCareCAN discuss some of the emerging evidence, and useful tools to help organizations on their journey. Additionally, representatives from Michael Garron Hospital (formerly the Toronto East General Hospital) share their journey in using the National Standard to create mentally healthy workplaces with impressive results.

Guest Speakers:

  • Jennifer Kitts, Director, Policy and Strategy, HealthCareCAN
  • Wolf Klassen, Vice President, Program Support, Michael Garron Hospital, Toronto East Health Network
  • Christine Devine, Wellness Specialist, Michael Garron Hospital, Toronto East Health Network

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