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Amber St. Louis

Jes and Melinda

Seeing People, Not Problems

How compassionate health care can alter the trajectories of people who use substances.
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Conversations Illustration

Why We Use “Substance Use Health”

Putting substance use on a spectrum creates a space for more open conversations about safer, healthier, more manageable consumption.
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woman speaking during group therapy

From condemnation to compassion

The shift away from saying “committing suicide” goes beyond semantics.
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Pace, Plan, and Prioritize: One Woman’s Story on Coping with Long Covid

Since there’s no cure, those affected must work to manage their symptoms. An innovative hospital program takes an interdisciplinary approach encompassing physical, cognitive, and psychosocial ...
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conversations on a bean bag chair

Shifting the Narrative

Valuing lived and living experience
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Friends in a Public Park

Power to the People

Using person-first language to make an important distinction
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Meditations on Motherhood

Meditations on motherhood, mental illness, and resiliency

It’s easy to make assumptions about people based on their academic accomplishments, professional successes, or philanthropic contributions. But sometimes if you pull back the curtain, ...
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cancer patient support group

A tale of two illnesses

Dr. Manon Charbonneau remembers the day vividly, though she’d rather forget it. “So that’s it, then — cancer,” she recalls saying in disbelief with her ...
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Black Mental Health

More than skin deep

“I’m so glad you’re Black.” That’s the first thing Donna Richards hears from her new client. But as one of the few African, Caribbean, and ...
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